Sean Kilpatrick 24 Points Full Highlights (4/6/2018)

Now that MarShon “Mar$wag” Brooks is back in the league, I feel like it is time to retire my “Sean$wag” nickname for Sean Kilpatrick. When I created it, I just assumed that Brooks would be out of the league forever and there would be no conflict. But the conflict has now arisen, and I have to yield to seniority on this one.

It’s okay. Kilpatrick still has a bunch of sweet nicknames that can be used instead, like “Kilswitch” or “Sean of the Dead” or “Consecrator of Arcane Spellcraft”. His given name is very productive in that way.

It’s good to see him doing well, finally, for what is his fourth team this season. I can’t speak for the supposed chemistry between him and Ryan Arcidiacono (if I don’t get to make a vid of him this season I’m retiring, straight up), but I can vouch for the chemistry between him and the rim. They are making beautiful music together, for sure.

And sorry about the whole mattress monologue there at the end. I was waiting for them to mention how many points Kilpatrick had (which was 24) but they just kept talking about mattresses.

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