Serge Ibaka 25 Points Full Highlights (4/6/2018)

There is a contingent of Raptors fans out there who like to dump on Serge Ibaka, but here’s the truth, unfiltered: Toronto is the first seed in the east with Ibaka starting 74 games. You guys can talk about “doesn’t play defense anymore” and “ruins the flow of the offense” and “doesn’t even like Drake” all you want, but the truth has now been revealed, and you can ignore it at your own peril. More truth: he scored 25 points tonight led the team in scoring. Boom.

If there is a contingent of Raptors fans out there who don’t think that this alternate court/jersey/look for their team is the sickest thing ever, they’re even more wrong than the Ibaka-haters. Because it’s the nicest stuff in the league. They need to make a permanent switch to this, lose the red, every team in the NBA has red these days, who cares if they look like the Saints? Black and gold (real gold, not just crappy yellow) is a timeless combo that is sadly underutilized in the NBA. I might even become a Raptors fan if they switch. Would need to change my channel name though… can’t think of any good puns at the moment.

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