Shaquille Harrison 13 Points/5 Assists Full Highlights (4/6/2018)

There is an opportunity here to make Shaq jokes. This opportunity is especially opportune because there was another Shaq that was on the Suns once upon a time. However, I will resist the urge to grab that low-hanging fruit. Shaquille Harrison deserves to be treated as his own person and is probably tired of being compared to one of the GOAT of all time centers, especially since Harrison is a point guard (or shooting guard? maybe?) and isn’t really capable of doing any of the things that Kazaam was able to do.

However, limiting myself in this way means that I don’t have a lot to say about young Mr. Harrison. I guess I could start off with the fact that calling him “young” is a bit of a misleading statement because he’s already 24 years old, so he’s roughly the same age as Anthony Davis and he’s older than Giannis. I suppose he’s the Mike James/Isaiah Canaan replacement in Phoenix, which isn’t a very prestigious title. He’s only won two games out of the 21 where he suited up for the Suns, which might be a little bit depressing for him, but the fact that he’s actually living his NBA dream should make up for the loseriness of his team.

Can we call him “Shaqlet”?

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