Dejounte Murray 17 Points Full Highlights (4/7/2018)

I’m not totally convinced that Dejounte Murray will be able to fill the Tony Parker role for the Spurs going forward. However, since Tony Parker is not able to fill the Tony Parker role either, and the Spurs obviously need that role to be filled, it’s fallen on Murray to be the new Tony Parker. I have visions of them acquiring a point guard in the offseason (George Hill come home) and shifting Murray back into the backup PG role. That would leave them with a very strong point guard rotation (assuming they get somebody good, like, I don’t know, George Hill) and give Murray an extra year or two of development.

Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe Spurs fans are totally sold on this guy being ready RIGHT NOW and I’m just a doubter because his box-score stats don’t wow me and I can’t watch all the games so I have to form my opinions based off stats combined with a little bit of guesswork and feel-good platitudes.

You know, I bet they could totally trade malcontent and malingerer Kawhi Leonard to some unwitting team in exchange for a boatload of point guards, other established players, and draft picks. You and I are probably thinking the same thing right now: GORAN DRAGIC!!!

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