Jarrett Jack 18 Points/7 Assists Full Highlights (4/7/2018)

Jarrett Jack spent the entire second quarter of this game dominating the Bucks. He ended with eleven points, three rebounds, and five assists in just that quarter, which doesn’t sound like a whole lot until you extrapolate it out. I crunched the numbers using math, and Jack would have dropped a 44/12/20 line if he had dominated the Bucks as thoroughly in the other three quarters as he did in the second. I think Jack scoring 44 would have taken me past the “annoyed” stage and straight to the “awed respect” stage.

Some other miscellaneous notes about Jarrett Jack:

-He really, really looks like Corey Maggette, except he’s not nearly as over-muscled
-His name sounds like the name of a cowboy-themed professional wrestler
-His eyebrows are like expressive little squiggles
-That around-the-world dribble leading to a pullup jimbo was actually pretty cool

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