Nikola Mirotic 28 Points Full Highlights (4/7/2018)

Clean-shaven Nikola Mirotic is for real. He is all business now, no messing around. He wants no distractions heading into the playoffs, and “itchy cumbersome crumb-receptacle tangled mass pube beard” definitely qualifies as a big distraction.

Now that he’s shaved, can he maybe go to Miami and talk to Kelly Olynyk and Tyler Johnson? Those dudes need beard-interventions BAD, and they would probably listen to a legit NBAer who has seen both sides of the chin. And once he’s done there, maybe he can go to Houston and give a certain Superstar-who-has-built-his-whole-identity-around-a-beard a talking to about how no chick really likes beards they’re just pretending.

In case you need an update, Mirotic is now averaging 28 points per game without that follicular mass. He was averaging 28 points without it before tonight, but each successive games makes it more likely that this isn’t a fluke.

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