Quinn Cook 21 Points/7 Assists Full Highlights (4/7/2018)

Adam Silver must be freaking out right now. How much money has the league lost because of Stephen Curry’s injury? It’s got to be a huge number. A few people are probably buying Quinn Cook gear instead but not enough to make up for the lost jersey sales. And no one’s gonna watch the playoffs if there’s no Curry. Say goodbye to that advertising money.

Kevin Durant should be good enough to carry his team more than he is (maybe a weird time to say that, since he just scored 41, but whatever). I think he got used to the attention that Curry was receiving, how easy it was for him to score, and now he’s a little bit confused about things. Cook is good, but no one is doubling him as soon as he crosses halfcourt. Heck, sometimes teams just leave him open! Not on purpose, but that was a very rare occurrence with Curry.

And yes, this definitely counts as a revenge game for Cook. The Pelicans didn’t even really give him a shot last season until the very end, and they were made to pay for their sins tonight. Other than, you know, they won the game and Cook only scored 21 which isn’t that much for him anymore.

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