Sean Kilpatrick 20 Points Full Highlights (4/7/2018)

This is the fourth revenge game of the season for Sean Kilpatrick against the Nets. He had two with the Bucks (0 points in a 25-point win and 5 points in a 15-point win), one with the Clippers (2 points in a 3-point win), and now one with the Bulls (20 points in a 28-point loss, still got his revenge tho). Especially feisty internet commentators might claim he had plenty more revenge games against the Nets while he was still on the team, explaining his suckiness by saying he was punishing them for not playing him more minutes by purposefully playing poorly.

With these 4 revenge games, I’m wondering what the record is for number of games a player played against a team that got rid of them during a season. Those dudes at ESPN (or Elias Sports Bureau, whatever the heck that is) might have the resources to figure that out, but I don’t, unless someone can tell me a good basketball-reference filter, so I’ll just go ahead and say that Kilpatrick has the record now.

Congratulations Kilpatrick! You really showed those losers what they’re missing out on.

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