Will Barton 31 Points Full Highlights (4/7/2018)

There’s just something missing for me when it comes to Will Barton. I don’t think I could get hyped for him even if he scored 50, even though he’s just about as good as Khris Middleton and I love that dude. It’s always an issue when I don’t appreciate a role-player as much as they deserve, so what’s the deal here? Let’s brainstorm:

-His shooting form is kinda wacked out. It doesn’t look pretty enough for me, to put it simply. Too Corey-Brewer-esque, all elbows.
-He’s too feisty. Watch him freaking out at 1:33 . Chill out, dude, you’ll get the ball if it’s the right play, and even if you don’t, no need to get annoyed.
-He doesn’t dunk it hard enough often enough. He was in the dunk contest for Pete’s sake, and remember that dunk he had on Motiejunas? I’ve seen what he can do, and he doesn’t do it any longer.
-He’s not Nikola Jokic.
-Or Trey Lyles.
-No one else especially likes him either. He’s a great player, but his fanbase is miniscule. I am not alone in my indifference towards him, and it makes me less excited to make videos showcasing his exploits.

Whatever the case, he scored 31 tonight, and I don’t feel a thing, except for a vague annoyance at how long this vid turned out.

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