Boban Marjanovic 12 Points Full Highlights (4/9/2018)

Sometimes I get these intrusive thoughts. They’re about all manner of things, really. Violent things. Morbid things. Perverted things. These thoughts just pop into my mind without warning and I can’t stop them. Maybe making all these highlight videos has made me go insane and this is the first manifestation of my insanity; unwelcome thoughts entering my head at unwelcome times.

One example of these thoughts revolves around Boban Marjanovic, in case you thought I was blabbering about my personal psychology for no reason. Whenever I see him, I can’t stop myself, I start wondering what it would be like if he grabbed my head in his two gigantic hands and crushed it like a canteloupe. Would it hurt? Would I feel anything? How long would I be alive after my skull suffered this catastrophic loss of integrity? Would I see brainal matter dripping into my eyes as the last whisper of consciousness departs? How squishy is a human brain, anyway? Squishy enough for Boban to pulverize it like the pulpy flesh of a fruit? Would there be blood involved? If Boban took it easy on my brain itself, how long could I walk around before the sharp fragments of my skull sliced apart something vital, some necessary neural connection?

That’s just one example of these thoughts I have, but this one is especially troublesome because it makes its appearance EVERY TIME I see a picture of Boban.

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