Cameron Payne 15 Points/6 Assists Full Highlights (4/9/2018)

Cameron Payne has scored 17 points twice this season and neither time did I make a highlight video for the occurrence. The second time he did it, I was on vacation and only made a few catch-up videos after I got back (Payne would not have qualified for a catch-up video unless he had a 20/10 dubby-dubby). The first time, back in early March, I have no excuse for not making a vid other than I just didn’t want to. Since I am the only person who gets to decide what videos I make and what videos I don’t make, I’d say that’s a pretty damn solid excuse. Definitely top ten of excuses I’ve used in my life.

Bulls fans: is Cameron Payne better than Jerian Grant? You can be honest here. I won’t judge you for your opinions. I know that you all hate Jerian Grant, but the truth is, Payne isn’t that great either. He’s way better than the other Payne (Adreian Payne, who got booted from the NBA because he’s a literal rapist), and he’s way better than the other Cameron (Cameron Bairstow, who is an ironic footnote in Bulls lore), but just because he’s better than two scrubs doesn’t mean he’s not a scrub too.

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