De’Aaron Fox 21 Points/7 Assists Full Highlights (4/9/2018)

I don’t know exactly how win-shares get calculated or even what they are. I reference them all the time but I am ignorant of their true nature. And here I will reference them once again: unless De’Aaron Fox puts up a 50/20/20 game in the season closer, he will end the season with negative win-shares. However, his win-shares aren’t as negative as they were at the start of the season, so that’s progress! Here’s some other good things that Fox did this season:

-For a while, had a really weird-looking braid thing going (allegedly this was to re-puff his hair to proper puffiness)
-He shot over 40% from the field
-He scored 26 points in one game
-He successfully explained some of the simpler parts of the CBA to Vlade Divac
-He didn’t cry when Georgios Papagiannis got waived
-He didn’t allow the cursed Sacramento Kings organization to completely rip apart his soul

Wow! That’s a big list of good things! Kings fans can now allow themselves to feel a small sliver of optimism. Just be careful not to let it be more than a sliver or you’ll be disappointed.

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