Donovan Mitchell 28 Points/8 Assists Full Highlights (4/8/2018)

We’re rapidly approaching the time when I can no longer upload Donovan Mitchell highlights to my channel. Realistically, he’s probably been too good for a while now, but next season, when he’s no longer a rookie, I’ll have no choice but to hand him off to those other channels. I expect him to have some good games in the playoffs, but after that, he will be dead to DownToBuck, other than I’ll use him as a comparison for next year’s crop of rookies, for example, “Why can’t Trae Young score as effectively as Donovan Mitchell did?”

The only reason I haven’t already stopped making his highlights like I did with Ben Simmons is that his scoring displays are so sick that I can’t help myself. Meanwhile, Simmons is constantly getting triple-doubles which annoys me because I don’t care that much for assists. There. The truth is out. I prematurely gave up making Simmons highlight videos because I don’t like that he gets triple-doubles. How stupid is that? No regrets though.

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