Frank Ntilikina 17 Points Full Highlights (4/9/2018)

Frank Ntilikina looks a lot like some other NBA player that I can’t put my finger on. It freaks me out every time I look at him, how much he resembles this unknown baller. I wish I could figure this out, it’s driving me nuts, plus it made appreciating this career-high performance by The French Prince of Bel-Air that much harder.

If someone could let me know who he most looks like, that would be super helpful. No joke answers though. If someone responds “Brian Scalabrine” I will use the powers vested in me by YouTube to permanently ban their IP address from ever connecting to anything ever again. Ever. Say goodbye to your previous NBA content, nerd.

Anyway, Ntilikina had a pretty amazing first half against the Cavaliers tonight, like, really impressive. It would’ve been nice if he had shown more stuff like this more often over the course of the season, but as they say, better late than never. The Knicks should probably rest him for the finale so that the final memory Knicks fans have of him is this. Give them some good feelings heading into the offseason.

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