Henry Ellenson 17 Points Full Highlights (4/8/2018)

I don’t want to hear any garbage about Henry Ellenson can’t play any defense and that’s why he doesn’t play. I just don’t want to hear it, not because it’s not true, because it probably is, but because I don’t care about defense and just want to see more people getting more buckets.

If Summer League taught me anything, it’s that Ellenson can get buckets like a boss. It isn’t playing out exactly as I expected this season for him, because he’s actually one of the worst bucket-getters in the league by percentages, but that’s because his confidence has been destroyed. How is he supposed to be good, how is supposed to develop, when he is being JERKED AROUND by Can’t Van Coach?

It’s like they don’t want their first-rounders to be good. First Stanley Johnson, now Ellenson, sometimes Luke Kennard, if they want to get out of 8th-seed hell they need to show some confidence in those dudes.

Well, the season’s almost over, a season that started with a little promise from Ellenson (two double-digit scoring games!!!!), and now there’s no reason for him to not play. So he’s playing. And tonight, he dominated. 17 points in 18 minutes, hitting a bunch of threes to help the Pistons set a new franchise single-game record for them (only two short of the NBA record and they still got smushed by the Grizzlies). I’m sensing a 20-point night before the season is up.

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