Jonas Valanciunas 25 Points Full Highlights (4/9/2018)

Jonas Valanciunas’ minutes are the lowest they’ve ever been this year, and at the same time, the Raptors as a team are better than they’ve ever been.

Also Dwane Casey might win coach of the year even though it’s been demonstrated for many, many years that he’s not a good coach at all. Have all the Raptors fans forgotten how much they used to hate him? I feel like I’m the only on the “Fire Casey” bandwagon anymore. He’s still holding down Valanciunas, people. There’s still room on this wagon if you want to get on, the only requirement is that you pledge your allegiance by typing “Stop marginalizing Jonas Valanciunas RIGHT NOW” in the comments.

So, yeah, those first two things. Valanciunas not playing as much and the Raptors winning tons of games. Are those things related? Is it a coincidence? The beautiful thing about basketball is that there’s no way to really tell. I mean, there probably is, but I’m too dumb to figure it out. My hypothesis is that Valanciunas is getting fewer minutes because the starters need to play in the 4th quarter less often.

If you’re of the mind that the fettering of Valanciunas is directly responsible for the Raptors’ increased fortunes, then you can just leave this video and never come back. Ever.

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