Josh Hart 25 Points/2 Blocks Full Highlights (4/8/2018)

Here’s the deal: I’m supposed to be watching Josh Hart play Fortnite on Twitch with some other NBAers (ostensibly for charity, but that’s stupid, because I’d definitely play video games for free, heck, I do it all the time), and it was supposed to start like 15 minutes ago, and I’m just sitting here looking at a black screen and trying not to die from the highly-concentrated cancer that is being radiated at me from the chat box.

I was thinking that if I got really into it, maybe I’d post one or two of those little Twitch chat faces in the Twitch chat so everyone would know how down I am with the memes. I don’t even really know what Fortnite is other than it has guns and is better than “PUBG”, which is another thing I don’t know what it is. Basically, if it’s not Unreal Tournament (the OG version, not this new crap), get it out of my face. I don’t want it.

But I am being denied the opportunity to enjoy watching other people play video games (basically what you’re doing right now except with basketball) by the INCOMPETENCE and MALICITUDE of the organizers of the stream. This sucks. I guess I’ll keep making highlights instead.

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