Khem Birch 12 Points Full Highlights (4/8/2018)

Khem “The Alkhemist” Birch returns to his home country of Canada and shows off some more of his occult alkhemical skills with another 12-point performance. Every time I see him play I’m like “yeah this dude could totally be an athletic five-man collecting garbage baskets and playing defense (not like I care about defense) in a backup role for some team” and then I have to remind myself that he’s only 6’9″ and isn’t really built to play the center position full-time even though I think that’s how the Magic are currently using him and he totally looks taller. Then I also have to remind myself that he’s like 25 years old already and the only old rookie who was ever good in the NBA was Luis Scola.

You know how Dewayne Dedmon carved himself out a nice role in the NBA by getting his start with the Magic (after inconsequential stops in the Bay and in Philly)? I totally bet the Alkhemist could do the same thing. Then he can be low-key good but totally under the radar and then a smart team like the Spurs can snap him up for nothing and everybody wins except the Magic who do all the work of developing these guys only to watch them go to other teams.

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