Kobi Simmons 20 Points/7 Assists Full Highlights (4/8/2018)

Kobi “Kobe Bryant” Simmons took the next step towards reaching the level of his namesake by scoring 20 points in a totally 100-percent officially sanctioned NBA game. The first step was playing in the NBA, the second was scoring points in the NBA, and this is the third step. The next step, the fourth and final step, is to score 81 in a game. If the Grizzlies play the Suns in their last couple of games, I think that can happen. Otherwise, he’ll have to be content with being 3/4 of a Kobe during the offseason.

He’s actually falling behind the other Kobe on the Grizzlies’ roster, MarShon Brooks. Brooks is scoring 20-point games with impunity now, while Simmons has beens struggling a bit prior to tonight. That fact has lead to the Grizzlies offering Brooks the guaranteed money, while Simmons will have to scrounge around for a contract next season. Good news is, he’s still only 20, which is the age where teams will want to acquire you once you’ve shown you can do anything in the NBA at all.

I was going to ask why he wasn’t drafted, because he seeps pretty decent to me, but then I looked at his college stats. Now I’m wondering why he didn’t go back for another year. I guess it’s worked out for him, kinda, but sometimes staying an extra season is advantageous. Not if you’re Ivan Rabb though.

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