Luke Kennard 20 Points Full Highlights (4/9/2018)

Here’s a fun little tip for Pistons fans: if you really mess with the colors on your YouTube-viewing device, you can make it so that Luke Kennard looks like Donovan Mitchell! It also helps if you squint a little bit, also, try to ignore the fact that the court is an odd shade of pink and Andre Drummond looks like Sim Bhullar. Totally worth it in the end, in my opinion.

I don’t know if my viewing advice is going to reach many actual Pistons fans, sadly. Most of them are probably not in the mood to watch even more Pistons basketball after they watched another depressing loss. If they even watched that at all. If I were them, I would be taking a break from the NBA and enjoying some other hobbies. In my case, those would include “making fun of Detroit” and “dissing the residents of Detroit, Michigan” and “wondering if it’s possible for Canada to annex the American city known commonly as Detroit”.

I don’t think I’ve even called that city “Detoilet” yet in a description this year. Well, consider that problem rectified.

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