MarShon Brooks 25 Points Full Highlights (4/8/2018)

One thing I’ve noticed while doing all these MarShon “Mar$wag” Brooks highlights is that Brevin Knight, the Grizzlies’ color commentator, just never stops riding his dong. Knight was a fine player for a few years, but he was never nearly the scorer that Brooks is, so I don’t know where all this love is coming from. I guess he’s just tired of all the crappy scorers on his team and is super excited for one that can light it up on a nightly basis.

I mean, he is making the Grizzlies season remarkably bearable as things wind down. Who else on his team could even do one crossover before he arrived, much less multiple crossovers all chained together? He’s not exactly “must-see” TV, but these are definitely “must-see” highlights.

I’d also suggest watching the rest of his games this season if you haven’t already. I’ve seen every bucket from him on the year, and I can say with truthful factuality: he’s a baller.

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