Nikola Jokic Triple Double 15 Pts/20 Rebs/11 Asts Full Highlights (4/9/2018)

How many triple-doubles would Nikola Jokic have if the Nuggets’ (and others) scorekeepers weren’t insistent on putting the “ass” in “assists” and rewarding him with them at their own whim? Probably that game where he had 17 dimes would still make the cut, and maybe that 14-assist performance, but other than that, I don’t think he’d have any. I can even sort of see why those cruddy handoffs would be counted as assists, but in Europe (where Jokic is from, in case you don’t get TV reception at the rock you live under) those would never ever be counted as anything but a bucket for the scoring player.

Europe actually has this one right, for once. Might be the first time ever, except for when they invented gyros. And yes, I believe that was a continent-wide effort.

Jokic is still a sick passer, though. He’s never really going to get assists via the tried-and-true “drive and kick” route, because he can only drive for two or so dribbles before things fall apart due to his lack of speed, so him doing stuff at the elbow is where it’s at.

I guess I just got a little annoyed by all the spurious dimes that this video starts off with, I’m sorry. I promise to fawn over Jokic a little harder next time, which might be in the FRICKIN PLAYOFFS if everything goes right. Millsap hasn’t ruined everything yet!

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