OG Anunoby 21 Points Full Highlights (4/8/2018)

OG Anunoby, once upon a time, was the talk of the league for being an unexpectedly good rookie on one of the best teams in the association. Raptors fans were gloating endlessly about how they found a gem near the bottom of the first-round, and I don’t blame them. If my rookie was the league leader in ast/to ratio, I’d sure as heck let everyone know about it.

But with all these other rookies being good while also actually putting up good-looking stats, Anunoby has fallen by the wayside. No one wants to hear anymore about a guy who puts up Snell-esque statlines on a regular basis. Even if that dude has lots of intangibles and plays winning basketball or whatever. Season-highs of 6 rebounds or 3 assists is just not cutting it.

With all that said, this is his career-high, 21 points. He got a little extra playing time as the Raptors strategically rested (no, not in that way, the real way) players against the Magic. He stepped up and hit a bunch of threes with that weird sidearm follow-through hold that I don’t understand. Why would you hold your arm like that if that’s not where the ball came from?

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