Semi Ojeleye 13 Points Full Highlights (4/8/2018)

I did it. It took a lot of toiling in the video editor, but I managed to nudge the duration of this video over the 1-minute mark. Semi Ojeleye didn’t give me a lot to work with, the Celtics TV people didn’t either (where were the replays you fartnuggets?), but I persevered. This is, perhaps, my finest work this season. My magnum opus.

I was just beginning to regret not making a video of Ojeleye scoring 11 earlier in the season, because we’re getting close to the end here and he still wasn’t doing much. A little more than at the beginning, but still not very much at all. I’m so glad he came through with these 13 points so I can cross another name off my to-do list.

Ojeleye’s rookie season, assuming he doesn’t continue going nuts until the regular season finishes up, has to be one of the most offensively-futile of all time. 6 points per 36 on 34 percent shooting in over 1000 minutes of game time? That’s brutal. Even with tons of intangibles that’s really bad. Almost as bad as Rashad Vaughn, seriously. Maybe worse. Whoof.

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