Shabazz Muhammad 22 Points Full Highlights (4/9/2018)

Shabazz Muhammad has been a nice surprise for the Bucks. A surprise in that he is actually sometimes playable. I don’t know what was going on Minnesota that made him get stapled to the bench, but there are no such issues in Milwaukee.

Actually, I do know what was going on: the Timberwolves actually want people to pass the ball sometimes, whereas with the Bucks, everything is a series of one-on-one iso moves with a pass only happening if there’s a double-team. That’s an exaggeration, but there is certainly a distinct lack of ball movement on his new team, and since he himself is a distinct lack of ball movement, it works perfectly.

Just throw it to him in the post, and see if he can do that one move that he has to score. Simple basketball. Passing it just asking for a turnover, anyway. Muhammad is scoring almost 30 points per 36, why would he NOT shoot it? He doesn’t need to be told not to pass, but I bet he was told anyway. Just gotta make sure.

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