Tyler Ennis Career High 22 Points Full Highlights (4/8/2018)

I kinda get the feeling that Lakers fans aren’t too impressed with Tyler Ennis this year. He did some stuff last year for them, in similar conditions to what he’s facing now (losing conditions), but for most of this season he’s been invisible. Not literally, but metaphorically.

This game will probably do little to change people’s minds. 22 points at the end of the season in a slightly depressing loss doesn’t have the impact that the same amount of points would in the season-opener. Lonzo Ball and Alex Caruso are the fan favorites for various reasons, and there doesn’t seem to be much room for Ennis going forward.

I’ll take him back on the Bucks as long as the Lakers agree to receive Thon Maker. This is actually a fair deal, I think, and I sorta liked Ennis in his stint with Milwaukee. He wasn’t as trash as I expected; maybe Lakers fans could learn from my tempering of expectations.

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