Alex Len 18 Points/6 Assists Full Highlights (4/10/2018)

If I had to guess, I’d say this was the last game for Alex Len in a Suns uniform. He’s said some stuff to the media that makes me think he wants out, and I doubt the Suns are extremely eager to keep him around, even if they don’t really have any good centers on their current roster. I don’t think either party is happy with how the whole thing turned out, whosever fault is is.

Five years for Len in Phoenix, and not a whole lot to show for it. A half-dozen 20-point gmaes, some nice rebounding nights, and a large amount of 5th-overall expectations that didn’t even come close to getting met. He’s never played big (consistent, maybe, but never big) minutes over a whole season, but has he shown that he deserves more? Maybe this year, where he’s been efficient and a little passier than usual.

I’m trying not to get all sentimental and it’s definitely working. I don’t feel a thing right now, and I doubt Suns fans do either. Maybe a small amount of nostalgia for the season he got drafted, where they missed the playoffs with 48 wins and Gerald Green went nuts the whole year, but that’s it.

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