Danuel House 16 Points/4 Dunks Full Highlights (4/10/2018)

The Mavericks’ scrub unit might have totally buried the Suns’ scrub unit, but the good news is, the Suns’ tandem of Shaquille Harrison and Danuel House had a combined total of seven sick dunks between them. These weren’t lame-o dunks either. These were NEAT-O dunks. One could even say that House held his own…”House Party”, and the entire Mavericks team was invited. Heh heh heh. That one was too easy! Get it? House Party?

Now is the time that I speculate on House’s future in the NBA. I was way off on my prediction for him last season (I assumed that Mr. One Minute wouldn’t get another shot), so I’ll probably be way off for him again, but I can totally see him getting signed to a real contract somewhere. Maybe even in Phoenix. Before that happens, though, I’m predicting that he’ll score 20 PPG in the summer league. That’s DTB’S OFFICIAL PREDICTION coming right on your face. Once he does that 20 PPG thing, so many teams will be intrigued that it will be impossible for him not to at least get a training camp invite. And, since he’s already shown that he knows how to grab opportunity by the scrotum and yank hard, he’ll turn that training camp invite into a real roster spot.

Or he’ll play in Lebanon. Only time will tell.

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