Frank Kaminsky 24 Points Full Highlights (4/10/2018)

First off: sorry that this video looks like someone puked all over it. I don’t know what the Hornets camera people did to their equipment, but this isn’t my fault. It kind of ruins this vid of Frank Kaminsky scoring 24 (which is NOT a career-high please get it together).

This might be the last chance I get to talk about the Hornets this season. Sad! As everyone is fond of pointing out, they, yet again, had a positive point differential alongside their losing record. They’re pretty much stuck in purgatory right now, too loaded with talent to tank, but not talented enough to realistically do anything in the playoffs in the near future besides 8th-seed stompings. Things were supposed to be different this year. What happened?

-Dwight Howard puts up the emptiest stats in the known universe
-Kemba Walker is good, great even, but is limited in his overall impact by how small he is
-Ignore what I said before, there definitely weren’t enough Dwight Howard post-ups
-They traded away Spencer Hawes last year
-Cody Zeller is apparently really good but he was injured
-Michael Kidd-Gilchrist is a bust, no doubt about it now
-They probably got unlucky in close games or something
-Frank Kaminsky didn’t hit enough half-court buzzer-beaters
-The gods of diversity didn’t like Stephanie Ready getting relegated back to sideline duty
-The nacho cheese machine broke three games into the season which bummed everyone out for the whole rest of the year

And a whole lot more, I’m sure. Sorry, Hornets fans. You’ve got the sickest color scheme and general brand design in the whole league though. That’s something. Better luck next year!

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