Jalen Jones 15 Points Full Highlights (4/10/2018)

Since Jalen Jones had the honor of scoring the final points of the Mavericks’ season, I decided to go back and check who scored the final points of other recent Mavs’ seasons (going just by regular season because that’s way more fun):

2016-17: Jarrod Uthoff made a free throw. Where did he go anyway?
2015-16: Wes Matthews made a three-pointer. Did he die? I just realized he hasn’t been showing up in box-scores lately.
2014-15: Bernard James made a free-throw after an and-one. You might remember him as that old rookie the Mavs kept around for three years (he was 27 when he first suited up for them)
2013-14: Dirk Nowitzki made a three-pointer. I don’t know who that is. Some Euro scrub probably. I think he went back to Germany.
2012-13: Anthony Morrow made a two-pointer. A lot of weird things about this one: Morrow playing for the Mavs (I barely remembered that he did that), Morrow making a non-three-point field goal (atypical for him), and the opponent being some non-NBA team called the “New Orleans Hornets”.
2011-12: Kelenna Azubuike made a three-pointer assisted by another Jones of Mavericks lore, Dominique Jones.
2010-11: Ian Mahinmi made a two-point jumper. This was half a decade before he would get severely overpaid. The “New Orleans Hornets” make another appearance.
2009-10: Jason Terry made a free throw at age 32. And he’s still in the league to this day!
2008-09: Dirk Nowitzki made a free throw. I guess he was more than just a one-year scrub rental.
2007-08: Jason Kidd made a three-pointer against the “New Orleans Hornets”. Soon after that, Devean George, Eddie Jones (more Joneses!), and Malik Allen entered the game. Then Kidd beat up his wife and drunk drove his car into a tree.
2006-07: Kevin Willis, AT AGE 44, made a layup assisted by J.J. Barea. They were playing the Supersonics. This blows my mind. 44 years old! The Supersonics! Young Barea! Desagana Diop! Austin Croshere!

That was way more fun than I thought it would be. I should do this for every team.

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