Josh Hart 20 Points Full Highlights (4/10/2018)

Josh “Hart Attack” Hart has had a string of three twenty-point games after only scoring above that mark once in the previous however many games. If he had been picked one pick later, he would be the second-best player drafted in the second round (after Dillon Brooks) with an argument for being the best player drafted in the second round (Hart’s not that far behind Brooks, and they’re easy to compare because they play the same position). However, he was the last pick in the first round, so there’s at least ten players better then him drafted in that round.

It’s funny that the Lakers signed Kentaviass Caldbrick-Poop to a big-money deal so he could be their Kobe replacement, but Hart has come in and shown that he can replicate that production, on better efficiency, for a tenth of the price. Luckily, Caldbrick-Poop’s deal is a short one, so Hart can step in and be the perfect low-volume starter for a team with playoff ambitions.

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