Marco Belinelli 20 Points Full Highlights (4/10/2018)

It’s like Christmas morning every time you sit down with a new Marco Belinelli video. What kind of crazy shots is he going to hit in this one? You never know, it’s always a surprise. If you watched all of his attempts, not just his makes, you’d get a whole lot of lumps of coal (to continue this metaphor which is falling apart around me), but with highlights, it’s like getting a GameBoy every single time! Except for the fouls. Then it’s like a box of air.

Perhaps the best shot in this video is his first three, where he catches it uncontested, sets everything up, and hits a normal three from the corner. No fading, no legs flying everywhere, no extra movement. Just a three. Some supposedly “good” shooters make their career out of such shots. Belinelli, he desires more.

It’s been a recurring theme this season, but I just can’t get over his shot selection. It’s so bad! J.J. Redick shoots similar attempts, but that’s different. That guy has a pedigree. Belinelli’s pedigree is Warriors fans hating on him because he wasn’t a stud shooter right away like they wanted (insert joke about how current Warriors’ fans don’t know they were the ones to draft him because they are all bandwagoners lol).

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