Taurean Prince 27 Points/6 Assists Full Highlights (4/10/2018)

Ha! Hahahaha! No more Taurean Prince highlights this year! This is the last one I have to do until next season! Heh. Hehehehehe. Wooooooo!

Prince started every game for the Hawks this season, from their opening matches where they still were trying, to when they started getting wonky with their rotations, ending up with their blatant tanking and major roles played by major scrubs. He was there through it all, doing his thing, and man, did he do a lot of things this year. If you couldn’t tell by the opening paragraph, I was kinda getting sick of him by the end. He was too good!

Now it’s over. The Hawks’ season has come and gone, leaving hardly an impression on the league. Prince offered, aside from Dennis Schroder’s 41-point game/felony assault charge, the greatest highlights of the year for them. He was, for periods, the face of the franchise. That’s really great, because last year, he didn’t look like much of anything except a Tony Snell with hair.

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