Alex Caruso 15 Points Full Highlights (4/11/2018)

A Lakers season that started with the promise of Lonzo Ball ends, fittingly, with his Summer League partner-in-crime, Alex Caruso. He hit the final shot of the season for the Lakers, a three with 10 seconds left, and that was it. No more Lakers. Everyone go home, show’s over.

I made a promise early in the season not to mention the state of the top of Caruso’s head, and I’m going to see that promise through to the end. As much as I want to make jokes about it, because, straight up, it’s the most obvious point of discussion about him. We could talk about his poster dunk on P.J. Tucker instead, I guess.

Man, that was a great dunk. Top 10 on the season perhaps, and there have been a lot of mammoth hammers this season.

Hopefully we see him back with the Lakers next year, but nothing’s guaranteed. Just because he’s a fan favorite (I always thought the love was a little patronizing but what do I know) doesn’t mean that he gets to just stick on the roster forever. There will be some new talent that they have to check out, and roster turnover is a given in the NBA.

With that said, the Bucks offer Thon Maker for him. Just in time for the playoffs.

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