Ante Zizic 20 Points Full Highlights (4/11/2018)

Unlike a lot of scrubs who will be featured on my channel tonight, Ante Zizic’s season did not end tonight. He gets to go the playoffs! He didn’t have much to do with that fact, but he gets to go there anyway.

I don’t really see him getting playing time once he gets there, though. Maybe in blowouts, if the Cavaliers can manage any, but I’m worried that Kendrick Perkins will take even those minutes. Perkins is basically the savviest veteran in the whole universe right now, he is a being made of nothing but fat and savvy, that’s why the Cavs signed him right at the end of things. They’ll want to encourage him by letting him play in the blowouts, and what if Zizic is left to rot on the bench?

I won’t be outraged, but I will be sorta sad. Antetozizpo has gotten a few chances here at the end of the year, but I would’ve enjoyed it more seeing him on one of those non-LeBron Cav squads. This was a taste of what can happen when he plays other bad teams: 20 points! Not the most impressive 20 points ever, other than the post-moves where he just planted his pivot foot and spun around on it a couple times, but still great. I didn’t put “Career High” in the title, but maybe I should’ve. There is definitely no guarantee he ever surpasses what he did tonight.

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