Henry Ellenson 14 Points Full Highlights (4/11/2018)

Next year, for sure, is the year Henry Ellenson breaks out. Definitely. I thought it would be this year, but circumstances beyond his control (combined with some that were within his control, like not being able to play defense) kept him nailed to the pine for most of the season. By the start of next season, I estimate that Blake Griffin’s knees will have degraded so far that they will be 0 percent knee and 100 percent Hamburger Helper, which should open up some minutes for Ellenson to show his stuff.

This is the 4th consecutive double-digit scoring night for Ellenson, after a grand total of 2 the whole rest of the year (both those games were in frickin’ October, which got me hyped only to be let down hard). He’s shown that he can sometimes do some things at the big-boy level, but we already knew that. The offensive end of the ball probably won’t end up being an issue for him.

The other side, the defensive side, that may end up being a problem. But will it matter when he’s putting up 15 in 25-ish minutes per game next year? I don’t think so. Consider that an OFFICIAL DTB PREDICTION.

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