Isaiah Hicks 15 Points Full Highlights (4/11/2018)

This is video 31 of my end-of-regular-season highlights extravaganza, but it really should’ve been like 15th or so. I’m sorry. It slipped through the cracks, but luckily I caught it before I wrapped things up, so here we are. The most points Isaiah Hicks has ever scored in the NBA, an achievement colloquially known as a “career high”.

He banks in a three on this one, but then looks appropriately sheepish so it’s okay.

The offseason plan for this dude should be to hit the weight room and get on a diet. Maybe switch the weight room for some serious cardio, like running up and down sand dunes with huge weights strapped to him. He’s looking a little chubby out there, which is basically a death sentence in the NBA these days. How many noticeably thick players are even still around? A fair few, but marginal players have to be in peak shape or they’re going to be gone in a flash. Sim Bhullar, I just called you out.

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