Jack Cooley 10 Points Full Highlights (4/11/2018)

In traditional DownToBuck fashion, I’ve saved the worst for last. The absolute worst. You are looking at, right now, the most awful highlight video I’ve made this season. You can look at all 2184 of my other videos (well most of them got deleted but just trust me on this), and you won’t find one that’s as unfulfilling, basketball-wise, as this one. Last year, it was Tim Quarterman scoring 10, the year before that, Damien Inglis scoring 10, and now, we’ve got Jack Cooley. Scoring 10.

This is the Jack Cooley experience. He looks like your friend’s dad who drinks Milwaukee’s Best all day on his ratty couch and is lowkey super misogynist. He does NOT look like a basketball player. At all. I joke about Joe Ingles not looking like a basketball player, but this dude REALLY doesn’t. Look at him. That’s not muscle. That’s flab.

He made 1 shot tonight, a crappy layup that barely went in. 1 shot and 8 free-throws. Normally not enough for a vid, in fact it’s the lowest shot total ever for one of my vids except for that Jose Calderon assist-only experiment back in the early days, but I’m pretty loopy right now, so anything goes.

And with this, I bid the regular season farewell. It was fun, except for the whole “getting copyright-struck by some shady Indian company”. See you losers in the playoffs. Bucks in 6.

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