Jakob Poeltl 16 Points Full Highlights (4/11/2018)

How many times has Jakob “Purtle” Poeltl created his own shot this year. Like, received the ball at a standstill, and through his own actions, without the help of teammates, used deft maneuvering to put the ball in basketball. Definitely less than a dozen, I’d say. Maybe closer to “zero”. I certainly can’t remember any instances of such a thing happening, but I haven’t seen every minute of Raptors basketball.

That’s why he’s ended the season shooting 66 percent from the field. That’s the best mark in the league amont players who actually played real minutes, just ahead of the usual suspects, the Capelas and Jordans and Chandlers. And unlike those dudes, he hit a three! I need to go and find a clip of that. I bet it was sick.

Another thing I need to do: go through all the Raptor games to find all the clips of that crazy Raptors commentator, I think it’s Jack Armstrong, saying “Get that garbage outta here!”, so I can make a garbageouttahere-ilation. Would that not be the sickest video ever? That thing would go super viral.

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