John Holland 21 Points Full Highlights (4/11/2018)

John Holland is already 29 years old. Everyone was freaking out about Andre Ingram getting called up to the Lakers at the age of 32, but what about this guy? He’s been playing with the Cavaliers on-and-off all season, he probably struggled just as much trying to get to the NBA, now he’s here, and no one cares! There’s a double standard here but I can’t figure out what it is, because both of these dudes are very black.

Well, I care about John Holland. Kind of. I am, definitely, extremely happy that he finally had a good enough game to make highlights out of it. I’ve seen him occasionally on the court in a few scattered games, and most of the time I’ve been wondering, “who is that Derrick Rose-looking dude?”. Now I know. It’s John Holland, probably the best ever NBA player who is named after a country.

He had 33 points coming into the season; considering that, 21 points is a complete whacko bonanza-fest of scoring. It wasn’t the most efficient 21 points, or the most aesthetic 21 points, but what set it apart was that it’s HOLLAND’s 21 points. No joke, however the rest of his career turns out, he should be proud of what he did tonight. It takes real skill to drop 20 in the NBA.

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