Jonathan Gibson 18 Points Full Highlights (4/11/2018)

Jonathan Gibson only averaged 34 points per game in China this past season. When I think “American shooting guard chucker playing in China”, I think 50 points per game. Russ Smith really messed up my expectations, I think. But it’s not even that unreasonable for Gibson, because he averaged 42 the season prior.

Every 50 points scored in China is roughly equivalent to a single three-pointer in the NBA, I’ve calculated. My calculations involved lots of math, in case you’re thinking of double checking. Lots and lots of hard maths and statistics and math and Jimmer Freddete. What I’m saying is, don’t bother. I’ve already figured all this out.

Which means that this 18-point performance by Gibson is about the same as him scoring 300 points in a single game in China. Now, you would definitely, without hesitation, watch a video of him doing such a thing, so why aren’t you are as excited for this one? I already know the answer, and I sympathize; because he already scored 26 in a game last year for the Mavericks. My vid for that was deleted, but hopefully someone else has it uploaded, so you can watch it after you watch this one.

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