Markelle Fultz Triple Double 13 Pts/10 Rebs/10 Asts Full Highlights (4/11/2018)

I held off on making Markelle Fultz highlights until he had a legitimately good game. That meant he had to score more than ten points. I did this because I have standards. Some might scoff at the concept, because I will gladly make a highlight video for some no-name scrub scoring twelve points, but believe me, the standards are there and I am unflagging in my determination to follow them. I won’t chase view counts just to show Fultz, the subject of so many conspiracy theories as the first overall pick, making a few field goals. Honestly, thirteen points wouldn’t be enough either, except for the whole “he got a triple-double” thing. I’m pretty sure Anthony Bennett scored more in his rookie season. Just saying.

While we’re on the topic of conspiracy theories, here’s mine: Fultz really did injure his shoulder. However, the “leaked” practice videos of him with a broken, crazy-looking jumpshot were planted by his camp to draw the media narrative back towards him. In real life, his jumpshot was fine, it was always fine, but a first round pick sidelined with a shoulder injury is going to fade out of the national spotlight unless some drama is manufactured around him.

Am I being serious right now? It’s hard to tell, isn’t it? I myself don’t even know, but I do know that I’m barely suppressing my rage after being reminded how the Bucks were losing by thirty frickin’ points by the end of the first frickin’ quarter.

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