Richaun Holmes 19 Points Full Highlights (4/11/2018)

I still maintain that Richaun “Rich Holmie Chaun” Holmes can offer all the same stuff the Joel Embiid does. He can hit the threes (not this year, but last year he could). He can dunk. He can block shots. With Embiid out because he memed too hard on Twitter, Holmes gets to prove that my confidence in him is not misplaced.

I’ve ignored Holmes the entire season. This is the first vid for him, and it might be the last unless he gets to play Thon Maker again in the playoffs. I think I developed an incorrect idea last season of how much he could be expected to score, and then failed to update it in the face of reduced minutes, because I straight up ignored him scoring 15 a bunch of times. I’m really sorry about that, because he’s one of my fave players. I love the way he dunks.

So we’ve got the Embiid comparison, but I’ve also brought up Giannis comparisons with him, and I think those are still legit. So he’s like an Embiid, but also a Giannis, not really combined though and worse then both, but that’s still really good, right? Also there’s some Jeremy Evans (who scored a bucket for the Hawks this year and NO ONE realized) in there.

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