Rodney Purvis 16 Points Full Highlights (4/11/2018)

The Magic really messed up their lottery chances by winning this game. I don’t blame them too much, because apparently the Wizards are so garbo now that games against them are almost guaranteed victories, but this is going to hurt come draft time. The last thing they need right now is another marginal pick to turn into a non-difference maker. Without a stud drafted (they could get lucky and get one though, maybe Ayton will fall to them after it is revealed that he received undocumented benefits from his college in the form of an education) I just don’t see where they go from here.

Maybe a new coach will help. Frank Vogel is gone, which seems sort of unfair, because would any coach take this team anywhere? Their new GM hasn’t had much time to fix all the problems in Orlando, but the coach is always the first to go. I think I’ve even heard rumblings about people wanting to fire Brad Stevens.

Maybe if Rodney Purvis turns into a 20ppg beast they can make the playoffs next year. Now that would be sweet. I’d buy season tickets to see that even though I’d have to travel a thousands miles for every game. I haven’t gotten a very good read on how good this dude actually is, but his name reminds of Purvis Short, and that guy rocked, so I’m optimistic.

Also this is my last chance to mention it, since the Magic are totally donezo, so here we go: these alternate jerseys that look like space are totally fire. Love them. Top-5 alt on the year, for sure.

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