T.J. McConnell 16 Points/7 Assists Full Highlights (4/11/2018)

It has come to my attention that despite my pleas and the pleas of fans all over the globe, T.J. McConnell is still being marginalized by the Philadelphia 76ers. I’ve said it before and I will never hesitate to say it again: stop marginalizing T.J. McConnell right now.

Markelle Fultz’s return has only made things worse for McConnophiles. There is obviously some incentive for the 76ers to try and develop the subpar talent they invested their 1st overall pick in, even to the detriment of more proven options. Hopefully, now that the playoffs are here, they’ll realize that they have to go with the known factor, the savvy player with a clutch pedigree and amazing command of the court. That’s McConnell, if you guys didn’t figure it out.

Stop marginalizing T.J. McConnell right now.

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