Wayne Ellington Career High 32 Points/8 Threes Full Highlights (4/11/2018)

In case you didn’t notice the Heat commentators bringing it up every chance they got for the last few weeks, Wayne Ellington was in contention to break Miami’s single-season record for threes made. Don’t worry if you don’t really remember that Damon Jones was the record holder. That guy was, like, the king of journeymen.

Tonight, with his career-high 32 points and 8 threes, Ellington managed to get the record, erasing Jones from the history books forever. I don’t think anyone outside the commentators really cared, but it’s kind of cool. Way cooler was the way he buried the Raptors in the fourth quarter with a barrage of tough threes, keeping his team in the game with multiple big shots.

I don’t think I have any choice but to make a three-ilation for this dude. Only 5 players made more triples than him this year, and all of them are in “star” category of player. He made more than Curry. He also made way, WAY more than the other Curry. And I’m guessing that about 80% of them were coming off screens and curling into the shot, Redick-style. No one’s going to remember his newly-set record after today, but it was, no lie, really impressive. Good work Ellington. You really made it Wayne this year.

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