J.J. Redick 28 Points Full Highlights (4/14/2018)

J.J. Redick, with this game, basically wrote a letter to all thirty GM’s in the league. Here are the contents of that letter:

“Hey NBA GM’s,

This offseason, you’d better pay me a huge amount of money because I’m out here winning games for my team in the playoffs. Also the contract has to be at least four years long.

Thanks suckers,

-J.J. Redick”

That’s what he’s saying to the league right now. He can still, at his advanced age, be highly effective in a ball-movement offense headed by a pass-first point guard (that’s why he sucked in Milwaukee; he had to play with Brandon Jennings and Monta Ellis). And his one-year deal with the 76ers means that he’s already in line for another big payday from a team who sees how much his shooting has helped the Sixers, not to mention every other team he’s ever been on except for the Bucks. Some team will overpay him and regret it later, especially if they hand out a long contract, but you know what? Redick deserves to be overpaid at this point. And if he deserves to be overpaid, is he even really overpaid at all?

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