Clint Capela 24 Points/3 Blocks Full Highlights (4/15/2018)

Clint Capela: is he the Rockets’ SECRET WEAPON for the playoffs?

Reasons Capela might be the SECRET WEAPON:

-He was keeping his Eurostep ability hidden from public view until the playoffs
-He is secretly the Rockets’ third-best player
-Can KAT stop him? Probably not.
-D’Antoni purposely didn’t play him in the final regular season game so that people would forget he exists

Reasons Capela might not be the SECRET WEAPON:

-The Harden-Capela lob connection is the most prominent and recognized lob connection in the NBA today
-It’s hard to be secret when you’re scoring 14 PPG – somebody like Aaron Jackson is the real secret weapon
-If the Rockets really wanted a big man to be their secret weapon, it would be Chinanu Onuaku
-There is no such thing as a “secret weapon” in the modern NBA because teams prepare too much for these games

DTB’S FINAL VERDICT OF TRUTH: Clint Capela had a good game, but is NOT the Rockets’ secret weapon for the playoffs.

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