Derrick Rose 16 Points Full Highlights (4/15/2018)

Derrick Rose now holds the dubious distinction of being the youngest former MVP to be “demoted” to my channel. At age 29 (not even that old), he has been judged by yours truly to have worsened as a player enough to qualify for DTB highlight videos. Unlike the day when I decided that I finally got to make Dirk Nowitzki videos, today is not a happy day. Today is a sad day. I always make jokes about players blowing up their knees or exploding their tendons or whatever, but when the league loses out on the chance for a perennial MVP candidate because of injuries, that just sucks. Former all-stars, much less former MVP’s, should not show up on my channel until at least age 34.

That said, it’s kind of perverse that Rose returned to the coach that blew up his knees in the first place, Tom Thibodeau. Rose probably isn’t as explosive these days, so I figure that the impact on his knees is not so great that he’s a walking injury risk. If Teague ever got injured and Rose started getting starter’s minutes (which, for Thibs, means forty-five minutes per game), then I would worry. For now, I think Rose is fine in his minimal role.

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