Terry Rozier 23 Points Full Highlights (4/15/2018)

I’m going to be honest, when Terry Rozier hit that three with half a second left to put the Celtics up by three, I said some un-DownToBuck-like things. You notice how I never swear in these descriptions, because this is a family friendly channel? When he got done totally demolishing Eric Bledsoe along with most of the Bucks’ hopes with his triple, I swore. A lot. It was not a family friendly experience in the DownToBuck abode. I try not to get emotional for basketball games, because I am above such primitive things, but this really sent me over the edge. Bledsoe didn’t even try, god damn it. He just stood there and got dumped on by some backup PG who is good but not THAT good.

I was pretty numb by the time he hit his three in overtime after a play where Tony Snell couldn’t even grab a frickin’ rebound. I fully expected him to drop 40 by the time the game was over, but he kindly stopped getting buckets after that point and instead made a bunch of free throws, sealing the game for the Celtics and leaving me in a bad mood for the whole rest of the day.

Man, I wish Marcus Smart was available and not injured. He never would’ve made those shots. He would’ve taken them, and a whole bunch more, but they wouldn’t have gone in. This is absolutely not fair from a Bucks fan perspective.

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